Company Vibe: Fotolia


Every day more and more royalty-free stock photos become available online as regular everyday photographers upload their photos to a variety of online stock photo sites. One of the leaders in this new emerging market is a company called Fotolia. Founded in 2005 by Oleg Tscheltzoff, Patrick Chassany and Thibaud Elziere, Fotolia now offers it’s users over 17 million digital images and videos.

Headquartered in New York, Fotolia operates websites in 15 countries in 11 languages. On average, every day over 3 million people choose Fotolia for royalty- free images, graphics and HD videos for use in everything from websites to printed material.

Fotolia is the leading microstock platform in Europe and is ranked among the top stock photography websites globally, providing a unique marketplace for photographers to sell their images. Every day, photographers and designers upload thousands of new images and videos onto Fotolia’s platform. Photographers receive commissions from each image that is licensed via Fotolia. Fotolia provides a benefit to both photographers and buyers by protecting intellectual property rights and generating commission income for photographers, while offering quality images at affordable prices to its buyers.

With the introduction of the Infinite Collection, Fotolia became the first worldwide microstock organization to offer both crowd-sourced and professional images on one site. Fotolia’s leadership in the digital images sector is recognized by its partnerships with, amongst others, the Associated Press. Earlier this year, Fotolia acquired Wilogo, a crowd-sourced design community.