Do You #FollowFriday on Twitter?

On Fridays on Twitter, there is a phenomenon called Follow Friday. One simply types a tweet starting with a hashtag followed by FF so it appears as #FF. Once that is done, a hashtag for Follow Friday has been created in the tweet, and that is used for searching with Twitter’s search engine. So what is Follow Friday? On Fridays, many people publicly encourage others to follow specific people. The common method is to put the Follow Friday hashtag followed by a person’s username and the reason why they are being suggested. For example #FF @Stockagogo, follow them for some cool stock photo previews. It’s not good form to post a Follow Friday for yourself.

Once the Follow Friday tweet is sent out, all of the user’s followers would see that in their news feed, promoting that others should follow these users. This is considered to be a massive compliment because the Twitter user’s followers are being informed that they should follow these people. These people realize they are being promoted to an entire network.

Shweiki Media has teamed up with Kevin Knebl—international speaker, author, trainer, coach and an authority on social media and marketing—to present a webinar on how to use Follow Friday (or #FF) to grow a Twitter list and increase engagement. Click here to watch the webinar.

The webinar from Knebl teaches how to use Follow Friday strategically while still maintaining sincere, authentic, honest and heart-centered communication. If there are certain people that one would like to deepen a relationship with, a very easy way to pay it forward is to promote them to one’s followers on Twitter on Fridays.

One way to do this is go into the notifications tab on Friday morning and go back seven days. A user could then look for anyone who has been promoting them. If they wanted to create a deeper relationship, a tweet with #FF and their name after it would show up in their notifications. They are probably going to think very well of the person promoting them. Look for users favoriting and commenting, and specifically people promoting tweets to their network.

After sending the Tweet to followers, the people mentioned in the tweet see in their notification folder that they were being talked about. These people will feel better about the promoter for promoting them to their network. This is rooted in creating, nurturing and deepening relationships.

As a recap, one should use Follow Friday to create, nurture and deepen relationships with whomever they would like to deepen a relationship with on Twitter. A good start is specifically using the people retweeting content. This can effectively be done with anyone.

Source: PR Web (edited for content)