Section: Icons

Icons: Nolan Bushnell: Founder of Atari


Nolan Bushnell is often cited as the father of the video game industry. He is best known as the founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theater. But Bushnell has contributed much more to our lives than his two best known successes.

Icons: Chris deFaria: Warner Bros.


Christopher deFaria serves as President of Animation, Digital Production and Visual Effects for Warner Bros. Pictures, a post to which he was promoted in April 2013. In this role, deFaria oversees feature film animation activities and the development and production of visual effects for Warner Bros Pictures.

Icons: Jim Lee: Co-Publisher DC Entertainment


Jim Lee is the Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment alongside Dan DiDio. Lee is a world-renowned comic book artist, writer, editor and publisher known for his incredibly detailed and dynamic artistic style.

Icons: John Ruthven, Wildlife Artist


John A. Ruthven is a naturalist, author, lecturer, and internationally acknowledged master of wildlife art. Ruthven’s wildlife paintings are on display at museums including the Smithsonian, and his work was featured in a 1994 retrospective at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History.

Icons: John Lasseter: Walt Disney Company


John Lasseter is Chief Creative Officer for Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studio and Principal Creative Advisor for Walt Disney Imagineering. Lasseter is a two-time Academy Award®-winning director and creatively oversees all films and associated projects from Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.

Icons: Kevin Feige: Marvel Studios President


Kevin Feige is a producer and President of Marvel Studios. He is most known for overseeing Marvel Studios successful slate self-produced and self-funded films including Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor and The Avengers. His films over the past decade have a combined gross of over 8.3 billion dollars.

Icons: Tom Berquist, CEO Corel


Tom Berquist serves as CEO of the Corel Corporation. Passionate about photography, he is rarely seen without the latest gadget or his camera in hand. Anyone who has met Berquist knows that his evangelism and contagious enthusiasm for consumer tech comes as second nature. Berquist joined the company as Chief Financial Officer in September 2009.

Icons: Zenia Mucha: Walt Disney Company


Zenia Mucha is Executive Vice President, Chief Communications Officer for The Walt Disney Company. Since 2002, she has led the communications and positioning strategy for all of Disney’s strategic business initiatives including the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel and Club Penguin.

Icons: Charles Geschke, Co-founder Adobe


Dr. Charles Geschke co-founded Adobe in 1982 with Dr. John Warnock, driving technology innovations that forever transformed how people create, process and engage with information. A respected and inspiring industry leader, Geschke was instrumental in developing some of the software industry’s most pioneering technologies.