Section: Snap

SNAP: Wrought Iron VW Bug


This edition of “SNAP” features a snapshot of what car officianados call the Wrought Iron Beetle or the Wrought Iron VW Bug. This one was located in the Packard Museum in Dayton, Ohio. This car is also sometimes refered to as the Wedding Beetle. It features a VW Bug covered in a wrought iron frame sporting customary gate and fence design work. There are a number of these in the country, but since they are all custom made, most are unique to one another.

SNAP: Whataburger, Whata Store Design!


This month’s “SNAP” is a snapshot of one of the distinctively unique Whataburger stores. The restaurant chain, still family owned, has over 200 stores. This one is located in Port Isabel, Texas.

Snap: How Disney World Celebrates Halloween


This month’s “SNAP” captures a glimpse of how Disney celebrates Halloween in Florida. THe Magic Kingdom is decorated with life-size jackolanterns, orange and black banners and small doses of the macabre.

SNAP: Kings Island 70’s Show Dimensional Sign


This month’s “SNAP” is a snapshot of dimensional signage advertising a retro 70’s song and dance show at King’s Island Amusement Park in Mason, Ohio just north of Cincinnati. The accompanying smiley face says it all.

SNAP: Neil Armstrong Museum, Ohio

Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio. Photo © Craig Barhorst

With the passing of Neil Armstrong August 25 at age 82, we dedicate this month’s SNAP to a look at the visually striking design of the Neil Armstrong Museum, located in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

SNAP: Columbus Dispatch Sign


This month’s “SNAP” is a snapshot from 2008 of the huge city sign for the newspaper The Columbus Dispatch in Columbus, Ohio. From the ornate letters to the intricate superstructure supporting them, this sign is rich with visual detail.

SNAP: Racing Theme Overpass in Indianapolis

Racing themed overpass in Indianapolis near the Indianapolis Speedway. Photo © Craig Barhorst.

This month’s “SNAP” is a snapshot of a racing themed overpass in Indianapolis near the Indianapolis Speedway. The artwork features a checkered flag design on a red background.