Section: Tips

Do You #FollowFriday on Twitter?

On Fridays on Twitter, there is a phenomenon called Follow Friday. One simply types a tweet starting with a hashtag followed by FF so it appears as #FF. Once that is done, a hashtag for Follow Friday has been created in the tweet, and that is used for searching with Twitter’s search engine. So what is Follow Friday? On Fridays, many people publicly encourage others to follow specific people. The common method is to put the Follow Friday hashtag followed by a person’s username and the reason why they are being suggested. For example #FF @Stockagogo, follow them for some cool stock photo previews. It’s not good form to post a Follow Friday for yourself.

One Company’s Comeback After Being Penalized for Over-optimized Links by Google


Company Folders, Inc. now ranks in the Inc. 5000 as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies, with a revenue increase of 128% from 2011 to 2014. But between March 2012 and January 2013, Company Folders was in a tailspin of shrinking revenue, and founder and CEO Vladimir Gendelman was facing the very real possibility of closing the business and filing for bankruptcy.“We bet our entire marking strategy on traffic from Google’s search engine,” said Gendelman. “That traffic was the lifeblood of the company. And after getting penalized for over-optimized links by Google, our website traffic dropped by two thirds almost overnight. Our revenue and profits quickly followed. We had gambled all of our resources on just one strategy—and we were at risk of losing it all.”

Importing Freehand Files into Illustrator


When Mac OS X Lion arrived on the scene, Freehand users had to face up to the sad truth that the program they loved would no longer run on a Mac. Apple’s newest operating system eliminates Rosetta, the program that allows old Power PC based applications like Freehand to run on newer Intel based Macs.

For Freehand users who feel left out in the cold there is a limited solution. Illustrator CS2 and above can automatically convert old Freehand files on the fly. Users can open Illustrator, choose a Freehand file and just click open.

A Fast Way To Add Images in Rapiweaver


If you use Rapidweaver to build web pages, you probably wish you could just copy-paste art from Photoshop into your web pages. In the old days you could, but this capability was lost when the software upgraded to version 4.0 and above. For everyone who misses this function, here’s a solution.

Booting a New Mac Pro from an Older OS X


If you recently bought a new Mac, it is firmwared to the latest operating system that existed when it was designed. This means nothing to anyone who bought an iMac or Macintosh laptop. But if you bought a tower like the Mac Pro, then this is something you may want to learn more about.

A Quick Way to Measure Pixels On Screen


Here’s an easy way to measure pixels on a Mac screen in Snow Leopard and Lion. You may already know that hitting Command+Shift+3 on your keyboard will capture the screen, but did you know Command+Shift+4 lets you select just a portion of the screen to capture with measurements?